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River Heart Events

The power of our heart energy connecting with rivers and water anywhere

can have a greater impact than we even imagine.


Water is amazing, miraculous, and magical.

It is not just a physical element, it is a form of energy. Water “knows” (in the water way of knowing)

where love resides (or hate or fear).

The emotional state of humanity is communicated

via the “collective community” of water molecules.


Rivers are messengers. They connect and communicate with us. We can learn how to be with rivers and send energy from our hearts. 

And when the world overwhelms us, we can go to a river and let its energy calm and heal us.

Upcoming Events

We will be posting upcoming events here.

These will be events where you can join on your own, or with family, friends, or a group.

You will be connected by the shared

human heart energy

carried by rivers and waters everywhere.

Webpage written by Ayo Oum Shanti

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