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Rainwater Harvesting

Collecting rainwater can help save and store water for your household's needs! There are simple and easy ways to collect water when it rains. Scroll below to a few options on how you can harvest your own rainwater! 

Capturing rainwater has been a practice used throughout ancient Indian history; it's been used to water plants and as an extra water supply. 

Saris and Buckets

Saris can be used to collect and filter rainwater! This is a no-cost system and very easy to build. Learn more below by downloading the infographic! 

harvesting rainwater using saris (2).jpg

Rooftop Water Flowing into Drums 

You can also create a rainwater harvesting system using a drum and make your own filter at home! This is a low-cost rainwater capturing system, costing about 1500 Rs or $18-19. It uses rainwater from the rooftops. Click the video below to watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to install this system and the materials needed!

Sampath S: A Villager in Bengaluru's Water Harvesting System 

Sampath S is a villager in Bengaluru, India, whose rainwater harvesting system provides 100% of the water he uses. In his blog linked below, he describes how to create how he built and perfected his home's rainwater collection system. 

This rainwater collection system uses the PVC pipe that collects rooftop rainwater and Sampath created a 3 stage filtration system to filter this water very effectively. 


Click here for Sampath's

step-by-step process! 

Webpage written by: Tehreem Qureshi

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