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The World Water Quilt 2024 Project

Welcome to the World Water Quilt 2024 project, a global community initiative to raise awareness and support for our waters, rivers and waterways.

Our goal is to create a meaningful quilt celebrating clean water and healthy, vibrant rivers.

Each quilt piece will be created by artists/quilters from around the world, illustrating their relationship with water and rivers in their lives. 

The quilt will be presented to the United Nations on World Water Day 2024 and will then travel and be shared around the world.

The World Water Quilt 2024 Book

 Watch for the story of the World Water Quilt 2024.

The book will be presented with the quilt. 

Call for Artists/Quilters

We invite artists and quilters from around the world to submit their work

and words in their native language.

We welcome your art and vision on the World Water Quilt 2024 project.

Make a positive impact on the environment.

Sponsors can contact us here.

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