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Mission Statement


The Ganges River (Ma Ganga) is one of the Earth’s most endangered and polluted rivers. She is also the primary water source for over 450 million people, as well as for the farms and industries along her banks and basin. A multi-disciplinary approach is urgently needed to address the devastating impacts of rapid population growth, climate change, and industrial pollution.

The River Project-Ma Ganga is developing educational projects in collaboration with local organizations and communities to help solve some of these complex challenges. Our planning and development teams also aim to address the social, cultural, and economic issues surrounding water management and river restoration.

The River Project-Ma Ganga is an open access, global river-restoration hub that serves to facilitate collaboration on all levels. Information on research, resources, ongoing projects, current developments, innovations, and Indigenous knowledge will be available to everyone. Collaborative solutions developed through our projects will also serve as potential models for the restoration of the earth's waters, the various hydro-geologic eco-systems, and rivers worldwide.

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