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The RP-MG Teams

India Leadership Team

Samiha Sharma portrait.jpg

Samiha Sharma

Being born in a village of North India where mountain ranges and rivers are the main attraction, I always see that some visitors never understand their responsibility towards keeping the area clean and better for future generations. The pollution here in Delhi motivated me to get involved in something which can help in sustainable development. I am blessed to be a part of this river project.

Advisory Team


Sushmitha Kosuri
Fundraising Advisor (India) 

"I am passionate about global health issues and how our ecosystems and communities play a role in our well-being as well as how we in-turn can also play a more supportive role in our ecosystems and communities."


She connects with Saraswati's energy  

Ayo cropped.jpg

Ayo Oum Shanti
Founder, Coordinator (USA)

"I love exploring/hiking in the wilderness and connecting with different cultures and Indigenous peoples. My passion is collaborating with others while dancing in the Field of possibilities.

Mina olen velho."


She connects with Radha's energy.

Always inspired by KK.

KvK head shot cropped.png

Karin Von Krenner 
Legal & Strategy Advisor (France)

When not writing and sampling eclectic coffee shops she can be found browsing bookshops and traveling in strange places.

She connects with Durga's energy

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