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The RP-MG Teams

Leadership Team


Rachel Brzezicki

"Since first learning about the premise behind 'Earth Day' as in kindergarten, to camping as a Girl Scout, spending summer days at my local beach, and visiting the mountains and caverns of Virginia, I have always appreciated the beauty and intensity of nature and understood the importance of leaving

the planet better than we found it."

She connects with Spider Woman's (Na'ashjé'íí Asdzáá) energy

Ayo cropped.jpg

Ayo Oum Shanti
Founder, Coordinator

"I love exploring/hiking in the wilderness and connecting with different cultures and Indigenous peoples. My passion is collaborating with others while dancing in the Field of possibilities.

Mina olen velho."


She connects with Radha's energy.

Always inspired by KK.


Suzanna Schofield
Ambassador Program & 
Communications Coordinator

(currently on leave)

"I have been passionate about human-environmental issues for as long as I can remember. As a kid, my mom would take my sister and me to national parks, and since that time, I have committed myself to the fields of conservation, environmental science, and sustainability."

She connects with Glooscop's energy.

Advisory Team


Sushmitha Kosuri
Fundraising Advisor (India) 

"I am passionate about global health issues and how our ecosystems and communities play a role in our well-being as well as how we in-turn can also play a more supportive role in our ecosystems and communities."


She connects with Saraswati's energy  

Adwait - cropped.jpg

Adwait Suratkar
Just Advisor (India) 

"My biography is very simple.My education is hands-on and non traditional. The mantra of my life is to always be Cheerful (ABC). I have only one purpose: to inspire, change & lead, it's that simple.I cannot complete my bio without taking Sara's name, because she taught me the importance of being human and that all that a human needs to do is just love.Currently I am building people-Planet-Problems." 

KvK head shot cropped.png

Karin Von Krenner 
Legal & Strategy Advisor (France)

When not writing and sampling eclectic coffee shops she can be found browsing bookshops and traveling in strange places.

She connects with Durga's energy

Outreach, Marketing & Fundraising Team

Tifaine Coignoux photo.jpg

Tifaine Coignoux
Member (France)

(on leave)

Tifaine Coignoux is an artist-researcher. Her art is focused on physical and spiritual displacement, transformation/metamorphosis or even fiction. Her practice plastic allows her to develop her ideas in many nuances.

She is interested in the human transformations involved in new technologies and climate change.

Samiha Sharma portrait.jpg

Samiha Sharma
Member (India)

Being born in a village of North India where mountain ranges and rivers are the main attraction, I always see that some visitors never understand their responsibility towards keeping the area clean and better for future generations. The pollution here in Delhi motivated me to get involved in something which can help in sustainable development. I am blessed to be a part of this river project.

Boat and sun (2)_edited_edited.png

Previous Team Members

lizzy 2.jpg

Lizzy Bee
Education Advisor

"In her spare time, you might find Lizzy hiking or meditating somewhere in the mountains. In the winter, she enjoys snowshoeing and snowboarding and, in the summer, she is often on the river, whitewater rafting on her boat-- Relish, the Dill."

She connects with Kali's energy

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 10.49.00 PM.png

Matthew Jones
Field Project Advisor

"Growing up I spent a great deal of time playing in the woods and in particular the local stream looking for various wildlife that lived. My favorite ways to connect with nature is through whitewater stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, swimming, and surfing."

Boat and sun (2)_edited.jpg

Prabhav Narang
Fall 2022 Intern (India) 

The fondest memories of my childhood are those of spending my summer vacations at the banks of the Ganges River with my family. I remember the river being calming and its natural beauty therapeutic- countless days being spent frolicking on the riverbank, observing the ebbs and flows of the majestic river. My grandmother used to say every river tells a story- of adventure, of passion, of wonder. 

4EB6E021-F430-4696-82C5-FFAD2DB5DF1F 2.JPG

Tehreem Qureshi
Summer 2022 Intern (CU)

"The outdoors has always been a place of great peace and beauty to me. I'm passionate about the conservation of our natural environment after spending time camping and canoeing in Wisconsin, the Adirondack Mountains, and recently in the Death Valley National Park!" 

She connects with Tiamat's energy

CUID and RCA Photo cropped.jpg

Sam Zimbel
Summer 2022 Intern (CU)

"My passion for conservation and preservation originated when I joined my local rowing team in Toronto. Because of rowing, I became exposed to the effects of water contamination on human development, ecology, and the built environment."

He connects with Sedna's energy

Webpage written by Ayo Oum Shanti, Tehreem Qureshi, Suzanna Schofield and Samuel Zimbel

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