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Community Spotlights

Creek ReLeaf

The Creek ReLeaf program is helping to plant trees and improve water quality in Frederick County, Maryland. In 2017, the program planted 43.8 acres of public land and 120 acres of private land. In the past year, Creek ReLeaf has planted an additional 200 acres.

Frederick, MD, USA

Nazareth Academy, Mokama

On Nov. 6, teachers and students of Nazareth Academy, Mokama, were privileged and honored to be part of a tree-planting drive. The goal was to plant 5,000 trees on the bank of the Ganges River.

Mokama, Bihar, India

Berg and Breede River Rehabilitation Project

The Berg and Breede River Rehabilitation Project is one of the largest actively planted riparian rehabilitation initiatives in South Africa growing and planting 120,000 plants per year, giving new life to the ecoystem. 

Western Cape, South Africa

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Webpage written by: Suzanna Schofield

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