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Credit: Permaculture News

Indigenous Methods

Indigenous wisdom and methods are rooted in ideas of conservation, respect, and accessibility. Traditional water systems efficiently use water sources while protecting them. These successful methods have been perfected with time to best suit specific environments and communities. Learn more about various traditional, indigenous methods used for water conservation below!

Credit: Permaculture News

Holistic Methods

Unsustainable groundwater extraction threatens the water supply from the aquifers of Ma Ganga. Solving this needs an understanding of the whole water eco-system, combining science with indigenous knowledge. Promoting joint farmer participation along Ma Ganga, developing efficient irrigation systems, and reusing household water are key sustainable practices to help protect groundwater supply.



Credit: India Water Portal

Practical Solutions

There are also practical solutions that individuals and communities can do on their own, including build-it-yourself projects for alternative toilets, composting urine and feces for fertilizer, greywater use, rainwater harvesting, and rain gardens.

Webpage written by: Tehreem Qureshi

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