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The River Project–Ma Ganga (RPMG) is an open access educational resource and a global hub for building collaborative communities. With an initial focus on the Ganges River in India, RPMG is supporting the restoration of Earth's waters, rivers and geo-hydrologic eco-systems worldwide.


We Are 
Working Together 
To Save Our Waters and Rivers

  Photo Credit: kazuend-cCthPLHmrzl-unsplash.jpg

Melting_and_falling_of_gaumukh_glacier copy_edited_edited.jpg

Gangotri Glacier breaking apart

Gaumukh at Gangotri Glacier (the source of the Ganges) receding and breaking apart.  

Credit:  Gauravkaintura1234            

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Read more about how we started,

our team, and our inspirations. 

Credit: Ayo Oum Shanti

Discover what river restoration means,

the challenges and solutions 




Monsoon flooding on the Ganges

Credit: The National News

Yamuna dried up.jpeg

Some of the issues that affect the Ganges River:

  • flooding

  • droughts

  • groundwater depletion

  • farming

  • sewage systems

  • industrial waste

  • water diversion

  • irrigation systems

  • dams

  • population interaction

Yamuna's dried river bed in New Delhi 

Credit: Associated Press/Manish Swarup      

Methods and Actions

  • Indigenous Methods

  • Holistic Methods

  • Innovations

  • Education

  • Actions

Actions and build it yourself projects that individuals can do on

their own or with their community that can help river restoration.


This map has links to  each state with lists of river restoration projects. Submit your projects to this list to let people know about them.

Map of the Ganges River in India 

Credit: BBC     

Ganges-Brahmaputra delta.jpg

The Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta


Community Art

Art serves as a connection between cultures & generations. 

Look at the art river lovers are creating.


Join the Community

Join the global community coalition of river restoration projects and supporters. 

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